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Life in a Zen Temple #1 – Daily Schedule

This was the schedule at Bukkokuji in Obama, Japan:

All work activities were done in silence as much as possible. When we work we should be mindful as we would during meditation. There is no separation between the effort on the cushion and other activities.

The Last of the Snow – Tetsuo Sakurai

Along the road
In the last of the snow is a gravestone.
The valley wind clings to it.
The voice of the twenty-six year old wife
Who died after surgery
The voice of the daughter ten hours after the operation …
The last of the snow will fade
Towards the coming spring.
In the warmer months I will come again.

(My translation)

Tetsuo Sakurai, poet.

We [sufferers of leprosy] have been segregated, true. That was something the laws did, and we could not do anything about it. Yet even when your body is segregated, there is no need for your mind to also be confined, is there? If that happens, it is just too sad . . . . I just want someone to know that I have existed, and have lived here. I do not want to die quietly, without anybody knowing about it.

Tetsuo Sakurai, Poet, Japan, who has been isolated from society for most of his life due to leprosy

The strength of true human spirit. Sometimes we feel alone and it is society which does that to you. But those who understand it is not about the body will find strength from within.

Maximum Wage – the New Middle Way

Now here is an interesting (but not so new) idea.

While we often talk about what should be the minimum a person should earn for good standard of living we never talk about what is the maximum someone really needs. The term may be a great play on words it isn’t an empty concept. In essence it is the idea of moderation. The phrase “maximum wage” may be a catchy term but why should we adopt the ‘floor-only’ way of thinking and not a ‘ceiling-also’ philosophy? We have been tricked by the rich to think that they have been looking out for the underdogs when really they have been looking out for themselves.

9 August 1945, 11:02am

We shouldn’t forget the pain and hope for a nuclear weapon free world.

8:15am, 6 August 1945.

Sixty-seven years ago the world lost something. We continue to hope for a world without nuclear weapons.