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Bodhisattva and reincarnation

The goal of Buddhism whether Theravada or Mahayana is to end suffering. By doing so one ends rebirth or reincarnation.

Yet in Mahayana Buddhism the ideals of a the Bodhisattva is to delay one’s entry into Nirvana and return or reborn to help save all others.

In this sense Mahayana Buddhism is active and Theravada is passive.

As a Buddhist this is an important question. It is a question which ultimately will determine how you approach the way you live.

How we (are not supposed to) solve our economic problems


Moderation in eating

At my annual medical checkup the doctor told me that I need to lose weight. Not much – 3-5 kilograms. I am borderline ‘metabolic’ as he put it. He said ‘reduce your food intake and do exercise’. Moderate exercise I do but reducing my food intake has been a tough one. I don’t eat that much already. To reduce anymore seems all the more difficult becasue of I will have nothing to eat.

It is said the sloth (the furry tree-dwelling animal) moves as slowly as it does in order to conserve precious energy. This means it doesn’t require as much food also. Your intake should reflect your expenditure, I guess.

Now what the doctor was saying is very Buddhism – we need moderation. Obviously I am taking in more calories than I need to otherwise my body would not need to store it up as fat. So let’s see how I go with my diet in the next year.

The rebirth of sustainability dharmablog

Change is inevitable. Change is natural.

It is believed in Zen that every moment is a death. We die and change without knowing it. It is the grand illusion of of life. Some will go as far to say without being enlightened we are living as though we are dead.

So too sustainability dharma must end and be reborn as sustainability dharmablog. If you have hung around this blog long enough you will know it used to be ‘sustainability dharma blog’ (with a space) before it became ‘sustainability dharma’. I had dropped the ‘blog’ bit. Now I am reinstating it but as one word, not a compound.

This blog will now focus on Buddhism exclusively. It is not that I am not concerned about sustainability but that I am not going to write about it anymore. That is all. Gassho.