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on (the) edge

we walk
the edge
of the earth
at every moment

and yet most
do not know
this simple
obvious truth

Monday Meme with Shawn L Bird.

Is The Buddha a god?

The Buddha was born a prince. His mother died soon after giving birth to him. So there is no claim of divinity of any kind. He was an ordinary man with ordinary problems just like you and me. And therefore he is not a god. Nor should he be worshipped as such.

Buddhist iconography was something which arose after his death. And temples are not places of worship. Both of these are created to help us understand his teaching, the dharma, which is we alone can liberate ourselves from unhappiness through attention to the nature of one’s body and mind.

This then means that Buddhism is not about faith but practice. The practice espoused was to look after the mind as much as we look after our body. This Buddhists do through meditation. Meditation does not have any special powers as such but only allows one to focus the mind to see clearly what the mind and body are. Some kind of basic understanding is necessary of course, but essentially it is that everything is impermanent, without self and suffering. Nothing including Buddhism lasts forever. That includes the self which many people cling on to. The self is an illusion. And that is perhaps the greatest of all roots of our suffering. Understand that this is what existence is then we can proceed to find the happiness which does not diminish.

Right Speech

There are some things that should be said and many more that should be left unsaid.

More often than not a complement will do more harm than good, and advice will have the opposite effect.

Things written on blogs are the same. They may be detrimental to a better self. Right Writing is also Right Speech.


if we think
only God forgives
then we are weaker
than we believe

forgiveness is
a matter of choice
not a given
just because
we are mortal

if we are willing
to forgive then
we have taken
the first step
to forgiveness

being willing
to some action
is something
we can do

that in itself is proof
we have the capacity
for forgiveness



beautiful is 

captured then

(re)arranged on

sensitive surface


an-other object 

not a ‘you’ or ‘it’ but

an image and schema