Monthly Archives: October 2018

inside the mind

we have no idea
we never do
what pains do people
have inside

a private space
for some
a suffocating prison
to others

my advice:
leave the door
open or at least

let others in
keep plates
cups and cutlery
for guests

have seats
for friends to sit
keep it tidy
for unexpected
but welcome visitors


I define process as action. Process occurs for all objects. What is traditionally called state is reality an action, a process. All states are in reality actions, that is, there is no state, only actions. This is the strict sense of the definition of state. A state is conceived only as relative to more active processes of other objects. A state is a conceptual and linguistic construct. The reality is in flux.

There is no external world

There is no external world. It is a categorical mistake. There is neither an “outside” for objects nor an “inside” for a self. It is a perceptual, conceptual illusion created by the process of an object.