Monthly Archives: May 2019

Captain’s Log 1424.143

Medical assistance to Sector O successfully completed.

On our return we came across a civilisation known locally as Kiitavil. They are friendly traders. Their technology is far more advanced than ours. Their colony is near the old trading port of Eaon.

One piece we are interested in acquiring is a telescope capable of incredible detail, more advanced than anything we have in the Federation. With it we shall be able to learn more of our neighbouring civilisations, and topography and culture.

Captain’s Log 1424.142

The Frohgians are encroaching Federation Space once again. Although they are not aggressive in nature their slow spread across the known space is worrying. Little is known about this race. Contact has been made often but because of their introverted character we still have next to no knowledge of their psychology.

At regular intervals the entire universe seems to vibrate with their signal, followed by times of “murmurs”. It has been observed this phenomenon seems to occur during periods of slow solar activity. More observations needed.

Meanwhile, the crew are completing preparations for the medical assistance assignment to Sector O.

Captain’s Log 1419.141

The dreams are all too real. The stories can be played, paused, and stopped at will. And in some ways, more realistic than reality itself, or at least better than reality. So am I a butterfly dreaming of being Zhuangzi, or Zhuangzi dreaming of being a butterfly? I cannot tell anymore. And fear I am losing my mind.

Captain’s Log 1319.140

Unknown fungus-like lifeforms have hitched a ride on one of the shuttles and infected the docking bay during a routine hull check. While we believe we have contained the contamination to the bay and are now using the emergency docking bay for any physical transportation on and off the ship.

On our explorations of Sector 356 we have also encountered a previously unknown caterpillaris species. Two red stripes run along its entire spine enclosing morse-like dots and dashes. At present it covers the entire aft of the USS Signature. Though they do not seem to be damaging the hull we are continuing observations as a  precaution.

A replacement pipe has been found and astroculture production have restarted after routine maintenance was completed.