It’s not money that grows on trees anymore

Children draw conclusions from what they can see. I remember asking myself I was young where did ham come from, and not being able to give an answer. Processed food look so far removed from what they are made from that it is impossible to deduce what it is simply by looking at it. So […]

Money blinds people to nuclear risks – pro-nuclear mayor re-elected

Shigemi Kashiwabara, the mayor of Kaminoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, has been reelected. He won his seat on a pro-nulcear platform. It is a shame that people still buy into carrots dangled in front of them. This was the first municipal election held in Japan since the Fukushima nuclear accident.

On Heidemarie Schwermer and Tiger Woods – “Money distracts us from what’s important.”

“Money distracts us from what’s important.” Heidemarie Schwermer According to this article she has been living without money for 15 years, living purely on bartering or by trading work for the things she needs. I have also said this – that money causes many of our problems – for sometime now, that a society driven […]

The “Value” of Money

Think about “money” for a moment – a $1 dollar note cost about the same amount of money to make as a $100 dollar note. Yet we think one is worth $1 and the other $100, even though they cost the same to make. Today governments, businesses, society and culture has pushed us to think […]