Mara’s Dictionary

biodiversity - a tertiary education institution divided into two distinct levels for the animal kingdom and humankind, with the former being higher.
decadence - [pronounced: dead can dance] 1. to live as though the ‘dead can dance’. 2. Title of I M Wallstreet’s 1985 bestseller, Decadance: Ten Ways to Waltz from Rags to (the) Riches.
Derrida - a misspelling of "the reader" by ignorant postmodern scholars.
differance - [pronounced: the France] the desconstruction term used to put France on the map (orig. late 20c. see also Derrida).
government - a hinderance to the well-being of its people. (see also politics)
hippocampus - a college (esp. for hippopotamuses) which specialises in the study of the workings of human short-term memory.
internet security - the warm fuzzy feeling one gets when one connects to their internet service provider and finds is not down due to server failure or maintenance.
no-soul - 1. what some people don’t have. 2. what some people don’t have.
park ranger - the electronic device on the back of modern cars that warn you before you reverse into an endangered tree.
politics - a hinderance to the well-being of the people of other nations. (see also government)
postmodernism - [or post modern] what most bloggers are doing when they write junk.
selfish - a person who hoards the money he or she makes from selling a lot of fish.
Shakyamuni (The Buddha) - the name used to denote the period in the Buddha’s life after he left his teachers to search for enlightenment alone. He is the distant relative of 1980s pop singer, Chaka Khan.
spring - the period after winter when farm machinery are said to “spring“ back to life.
sustainable economics - what economists think is possible, but environmentalists know is not.

Mara’s Dictionary is a dictionary of humour.