a philosophy glossary

Headwords in bold and italics are personal definitions.

body-object – a sentient object.

discretion – the condition of space and objects being discrete things

object – a thing “in” space. Space and objects (space/object) are one “system”. One infers the other.

object-self – the sentient object from which we know the world.

ontology – the philosophical study of the nature of what exists and how they exist.

perception – the continued arrangement of sense through thought.

physicalism – there is only the physical world.

sense (sensation) – the “observed” data from space/object-time in the form of light, sound, smell, taste, touch, etc.

space – the absence of an object.

space/object – without time, space/object is a static state. Staticity (that is, space/object without time) is a concept and does not exist or is “pure”.

space/object-time or world – the entire existing world which consists of space, object and time. There is discretion of space, object and objects. “Pure” discretion is termed space/object. This dynamic discretion is termed space/object-time.

thing – of objects or space.

thing-object – a non-sentient object.

time – the dynamic change in the configuration of space/object.

world – see space/object-time.