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Science, philosophy, and religion essentially have the same aim — to understand the world and choose how to live within it based on this understanding. This is an anthropological perspective.

These are a few of my favourite things:

Game&Watch; Nintendo Game Boy; Sony PlayStation; Nintendo Switch; Apple iPad

Casio FX-702P; Apple IIe; IBM PC Junior; Compaq Contura Aero 4/33C; Sony Vaio PCG-5211; Sony Vaio PCV-V11W; Apple MacBook Pro (early 2015)

Nokia 2110; Sony Ericsson SO505iS; Iida Lotta; Apple iPhone 4S; Apple iPhone 5; Apple iPhone 6S; Apple iPhone X

Swatch Irony Aluminium; Baume & Mercier (MV04F026); Polar A5; Tissot T-Touch Classic; Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT

Canon IXY; Canon EOS888; Canon EOS55; Canon Powershot G3; Nikon D80; Ricoh GRD3; Fujifilm X100; Nikon D610

Sony Walkman II; Sony Walkman Sports; Sony minidisc; Apple iPod; SONY TC-U2; Sony STR-414L

Galaga; Joust; DigDug; R-Type; Decathlon; Track and Field; Frogger; Street Fighter; Cyberball; Super Volleyball; Xevious; Galaxian; Power Stone; Pacman; Asteroid; Centipede; Qix

New Order; Siouxsie and the Banshees; The Cure; Joy Division; Japan; David Sylvian; The Police; Pet Shop Boys

To Sleep so as to Dream; Mystery Train; To Live; Jodou; Raise the Red Lantern; Tampopo; Akira; Wings of Desire; Dodesuka den; Tsubaki Sanjuro; Seven Samurai; Get Shorty; My Life as a Dog; Gattaca; A Room with a View; Toy Story; Terminator; Repo Man; Before the Rain; Summer Vacation 1999; Three Colours White; Three Colours Blue; Three Colours Red; The Fight Club; Joan of Arc; The Sixth Sense; Fifth Element; Twelve Monkeys; La Jetee; THX1138; E.T.; Close Encounters of the Third Kind

New Order; Japan; Siouxsie and the Banshees; Ryuichi Sakamoto; Diana Krall; United Future Organisation; Urban Species; Beck; P J Harvey; Regurgitator

Van Gogh; Cindy Sherman; Bridget Riley; Pablo Picasso; Paul Cezanne; Hiroshige; Maurice Denis; Turner; Susan Hiller; Keiko Minami; Vaserily; Magritte

Yasunari Kawabata; Soseki Natsume; Yukio Mishima; Paul Auster; Julian Barnes; Ian McEwan; Kurt Vonnegut; George Orwell; Seamus Heaney; Sylvia Plath; Stephen King

Buddha; Nagarjuna; Dignaga; Dharmakirti; Dogen; Harada Tangen

Heraclitus; Socrates; Aristotle; Democritus; Pyrrho; Locke; Hume; Kant; Nietzsche; Darwin; Wittgenstein; Saussure; Barthes; Said; Lyotard; Derrida; Kuhn; Eagleton; Merleau-Ponty; Rorty

Rugby; association football; cricket; baseball; tennis; sumo; kendo;

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