SDB News – May 2006

This month has been another very slow month. Finding the time to keep up with the news and write about it has been a struggle. The main goal is then to focus on “pillar” posts, which I see as my strength when taking time into consideration.

There have also been some aesthetic and practical changes to the appearance of SDB. The calendar function is now gone. Its function only seemed to be to highlight blogging infrequency. The lesson here is that calendars are only good if you are a prolific poster. So it seemed logical to remove it and concentrate on content – quality over quantity – instead.

Also WordPress now supports personalized banners on templates so I have personalized it with a new header banner. Although there was nothing wrong with the old one (actually, it is a really great image), it is nicer to have a personalized one. The new image is from a photo I took last winter. It is a little darker in mood but it seems to reflect the less-than-optimistic character of SDB.

New links
There are three new links on SDB. I have thus far resisted adding economic- or political-oriented links but have now come to understand that it is impossible to ignore or exclude some of our most cherished beliefs. Ecological Economics is a site which tries to see – as the name sugggests – ecology from an economic standpoint.

Also added is a link to Earthweek. It is one of my favourite reads in my local English newspaper. Based on dead-tree technology (print media) it gives a summary of the week’s “natural” events.

Lastly, I have found an old link I had been looking for some time. It is the BBC’s The Noisy Planet, an interactive page on sound as a problem and our (lack of) attitude toward it. It is part of a larger page about globalisation. So take a look at the rest of the page if you have the time. It is an eye-opener.

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