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Siri is surreal

I ask Siri to add to the calendar “pick up son” only for her to tell me the surreal – “pick up sun”. The dead poets would be proud.

Onkyo HF Player

Every time I play Beck’s Morning Phase album I notice it always sounds crisper and more defined in through the Onkyo HF Player instead of Apple Music. It is the app and not the file quality because I bought the original download from Apple Music and not elsewhere. So the only variable is that of the app. In other words it is the algorithm of the app that makes the sound quality better.

While I enjoy the convenience of Apple Music it is ultimately the sound quality that is important. In general, the audio sounds flatter and with less definition in Apple Music. This is not noticeable except through contrastive comparison. But still I would probably enjoy it less subliminally as I do notice the difference. Apple Music sounds lacklustre.


The reality and its objects are without inherent processes, qualities and relations. With perception we project onto the reality and its objects.


Death is not to be feared. It gives value to the life that precedes it. And it is not separate from one or the other. Life and death make up a single aspect of reality. Reality is a system of mutually defining entities. Nothing is should be treated as separate from the system but everything should be considered when thinking about and engaging with reality.

Typography, horology and Grand Seiko

I am a big fan of automatic watches. I wear one, and I love the sheer love, quality and craftsmanship that goes into making these timepieces.

Seiko, particularly Grand Seiko, is a brand which I admire but would not buy at the moment. It isn’t the price tag, but rather it is the choice of font type chosen for its name logo and the use of Roman numerals on some of their timepieces. Simply, it isn’t modern. It says 20th century. And it says wear a suit. I’m living in the 21st century and I wear jeans more often than anything else.

One might not think of font type as important, especially when it is on a watch, but it does. It needs to match the rest of the watch as well as the body to which it is attached. To me, the font type on the Grand Seiko needs an desperate update.