Blogging is work!

Since Christmas holidays started I have had the luxury to blog again.

Yet, this break has taught me one important lesson – that maintaining a blog is really time consuming. It takes more than just the desire to blog – the want to be heard – to keep one going. And even if you have the drive to have one you may not have that much to say. So one has to consider why one wants to blog.

When I started this blog it was to talk about my belief in sustainability, Buddhism and theory. And it still is. While I have much to talk about I don’t have the time to put it down into posts. A “good” blog needs at least two hours of work a day. And that does not include reading. To be a good writer one must also be a good reader, I believe. Because I do not have the time to keep up with the latest news, my blogging suffers for it.

So why I do not have this time? Well, I have twelve hours of lectures a week. I have the homework that comes with these classes. I drive at least as many hours just to get to and from university each week. (Don’t talk to me about contributing to greenhouse gases. If I could move closer to campus I would.) I have two children under two, so my time at home is devoted to helping with looking after them and doing other chores to free my partner’s time to perform other household duties (and to relax). And I teach three nights a week to slow the rate of dwindling of our savings.

So, when I say I do not have time, yes, I mean I do not have time.

There are plenty of websites out there that give advice to people about blogging and how to be a good blogger, etc. They usually tell you you need to post regularly, you need to read other blogs and comment, you need to do this and do that. Well let me tell them – great, if you are single, or somehow you are blessed with much time on your hands (this usually means an disgruntled wife or husband lurking somewhere in the background).

But most people are not like that. Most people have real work that takes up most of their waking hours. I repeat again, most people are not like that.

So here is my advice for people who want to consider starting a blog or has already started a blog:

  1. Do you have things to say that are important or interesting?
  2. Do you think you have enough to say for at least one year?

If you said ‘yes’ to both these by all means, go for it.

Even if you do not have time it could be done if the content is important or interesting. If you are like me – without time to even read let alone write – then I still say it is fine. Don’t listen to those “professional” bloggers telling you you need to do this or that.

And don’t worry about stats and hits. If you have good content people will come.

Be realistic about what you can do with a blog. It is an only outlet for your thoughts. It is only a glorified webpage. It is only a personal journal of sorts. It isn’t the whole world. If you want to be blog-popular then by all means put work much into it. But if you are like me, who does not care for ratings, then it can be a rewarding means of self-expression that does not take up most of your life, because there is life beyond the internet and blogging.

2 thoughts on “Blogging is work!”

  1. Your post on Dennis Forbes was interesting. I would havee commented except for the fact I have to sign up for Windows Live.

    I can say I write well so I would probably fail his benchmark. But I am not trying to reach his benchmark. If I had the time, and maybe if I want blog popularity, then yes, I would make an effort to get my blog butt in gear.

    But I don’t have the time. And family and studies are definitely higher priorities on my list.


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