Flickr Uploadr 2.3 problem and fix

Here was the problem:
When I tried to upload my photos with the right click and ‘send to flickr’ my flickr uploadr told me it could not connect. My firewall had been working fine (that is, there was no message from it saying it was blocking flickr uploadr).

Here were the conditions of my computer:

  1. I use only Firefox
  2. I do not use Internet Explorer if I can help it (I had actually uninstalled it).

Here is the fix:
Start up Internet Explorer and make sure it in the work online mode. This is crucial. Somehow when I was using another program it opened IE and Inadvertently I – by not giving it permission to go online – had turned it into ‘work offline’ mode. Once it is in ‘work online’ mode close it. This should fix the connectivity of Flickr Uploadr. This also goes for Flickr Uploadr 2.4.

2 thoughts on “Flickr Uploadr 2.3 problem and fix”

  1. Was the same problem!

    Thank you for telling where to find solution. But in my IE settings were unworked proxy server.


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