I have hit the pause button on std.


I have been blogging in this space for just over a year now. It has been educational for me and sometimes, I hope, for my readers also. Learning aside, I have had to make the decision to pause std because:

  1. I want to concentrate on researching and writing about linguistics, my current university studies. It should take priority;
  2. my knowledge of the environment and environmental issues is still limited, so it is time to consolidate;
  3. having less one hour of free time per day just does not make for good writing.

These are just some of the reasons. There are more but I do not want to bore you with details. When exactly I will hit the play button again on std I do not know. It will not be until October 2008 at the earliest.

A blog of this sort which has a specific topic cannot simply change topics overnight. That would be rude to my readers. Making a dramatic change like that could (should) only be done with personal blogs that have no particular themes or boundaries. So for this reason I am pausing here and starting another about my research – linguistics. I have made this decision because I still want to blog, but cannot afford the time to write about the environment and at the same time do my research. So instead I have decided to “kill two birds with one stone”… so to speak. If I am going to write then I might as well write about something I am spending every waking hour doing when I am not doing the other job – parenthood.

I apologize for this. But if you are interested in my misadventures into linguistics then please come visit me at linguistic dada. Thank you.

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