We know so little about us

Almost daily we are learning something new about ourselves, the human species.

The branch that is known as homo sapiens sapiens has taken a new twist with the discovery of remains of a new human species in Russia dubbed Denisovans. Together with Neanderthals, Flores, us, and now the Denisovans we have a new picture of our ancestry.

From our DNA it is clear that we interbred with Neanderthals. Surprising is that we also interbred with Denisovans evidenced in Melanesian DNA.

This shouldn’t be surprising to us but as complacent and too intelligent our for own good that we want to believe we are some how different to other animals (for that is what we are) that our genes is pure somehow, is a ridiculous notion to say the least.

Like it or not we are have a mixed gene pool here, perhaps for the better. Diversity is an important feature of the machination of evolution. We should not dismiss but embrace our past. After all our distant relatives were apes and monkeys. To say they are inferior is to say we are inferior which obviously we are not (though this can be disputed).

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