Very democratic but not very Buddhist – cigarettes in Bhutan

Buddhism has never been a religion (is it a religion?) about forcing someone to do things they do not want to do.

The restrictions of sales and use of cigarettes in Bhutan with its five year jail sentence is not only excessive it is counterproductive. The forming of a black market is an indication of how liberalism can go wrong. Moving to a democracy does not mean a better life. It is simply different. And different does not mean better though ‘better’ is what advocates of liberalism and democracy want you to believe.

Politics and government are not easy and lighthearted tasks. I still wish Bhutan good luck. But I also believe their move to democratic rule was wrong. Let’s just hope GNH will not turn into GNU (Gross National Unhappiness).

2 thoughts on “Very democratic but not very Buddhist – cigarettes in Bhutan”

  1. Drukpa,
    People should be given an opportunity to redeem themselves. And removing them often dismisses them as a bad forever. If that were the case then we shall never be able to reach enlightenment after one mistake.

    Transparency is important. Whatever form of government people should be transparent, personally, communally, globally.


  2. people mistaken take democracy to be the best form of government. In reality, it is merely the ‘least bad’ form, primarily because the people can remove a bad politician. That’s pretty good of course. The rest of it, including a need for (yuck) politicians….yeah, it all goes down hill from there.


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