Life in a Zen Temple #1 – Daily Schedule

This was the schedule at Bukkokuji in Obama, Japan:

All work activities were done in silence as much as possible. When we work we should be mindful as we would during meditation. There is no separation between the effort on the cushion and other activities.

5 thoughts on “Life in a Zen Temple #1 – Daily Schedule”

  1. This is what we do normally and not the “sesshin” or intensive training. If we went full steam ahead it wouldn’t be sustainable. And the that is not what Buddhism is about. It is about the middle way which is really another way of saying sustainability.


  2. Ron,
    That is correct. It may seem little but it isn’t.

    Also, any kind of activity is “meditation”. People often mis-take that your practice is finished once you are off the cushion. It never finishes.


  3. The schedule looks like only 160minutes (3 hours) of meditation. This doesn’t look too intensive to me.. I’m surely missing something.. :-). Can you correct me please? Also, is there an email where I can contact the temple?


  4. we are two french ladies ; we have been practising zen buddhism for years and we are going to japan next march ; we would like to stay in your temple bukkoku-ji for a few days ; do you think this would be possible ? thank you for your reply


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