My three reasons for taking up meditation

There are at least three good reasons to take up meditation. These are my three. Possibly others are more important but I think these three are at the top (or near the top) of many people’s  list.

1. It is a good habit
Undoubtedly we form habits. These habits could be loose ones or they could be tight ones. Either way time marches on. If you are going to form habits they might as well be good habits. Meditating on a daily basis at a regular time is not better habit.

2. Awareness of the body and mind 
One thing we least have is an awareness of the body, moreover an awareness of the mind. Meditation brings about a high awareness of both. In meditation we focus on breathing and concentration to bring about mindfulness. To know the body is also to know the mind.

3. Control of the body and mind
By having an awareness of the body and mind we have can have control of the body and mind. You cannot control what you are not aware of.

What are your reasons for taking up meditation? Please leave a comment below for I would love to hear your opinions. 

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