Physicalism, not atheism

I don’t like atheism.

I don’t like atheism because it drags God, god or gods in the conversation as if they exist. It assumes first that there is a god or gods then proceeds with the argument to deny it. Atheism is the trap that theists have set for the unsuspecting.

The better approach is physicalism. Conclude that everything is physical, then to proceed to see what is a god or gods means we can deal with it like the fiction that it is. The concept of god is then seen as ordinary like Harry Potter and purple unicorns. The verbalisation or iteration of these do not make them real. Physicalism allows us the possibility to deal with concepts.

4 thoughts on “Physicalism, not atheism”

  1. Thanks.

    If you ask me who was it who created the term “atheist” I wager my money on it was Catholic who wanted to keep God within the dialogue.

    There is a difference between taking a label for yourself and being given a label.

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  2. Good article. On one hand I agree that there should be a word to indicate what we do believe, instead of what we don’t. On the other hand, in this fairly religious country I live in, I often want to be perfectly clear to the theist that I’m not buying their baloney.

    Hopefully we get to the point where we don’t have to define ourselves about what we don’t believe, and can get on with our actual beliefs.

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