The death of perception

Perception is the physical process of certain types of objects. Perception like knowledge and conception are not objects in themselves but seem to exist as an illusion due to the continued process within an object. Once the process ends the perception ends. The final end of the perception for an object is called death.

5 thoughts on “The death of perception”

  1. The process is, objects and their relationships and interactions (time) in space.

    I don’t not see a difference between two objects interacting in space (process) and the (micro-)interaction “inside” something we call an object. Thinking is a process just as two objects colliding.

    I think the philosophers of old got it wrong with the dichotomy of internal-external. To reality, there is no internal-external.


  2. What is a process then? I mean, like, if conception and knowledge are not objects but our processes, what are processes? I mean what is knowledge then? Is knowledge the process of conceiving and conceiving is that a process of knowledge? If they are not onto themselves such a thing then how do we even know what they mean?


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