Coma, time, idealism

Within a comatose state the body is without wakefulness and awareness of the eternal world. Is this a kind of idealist-rationalist bliss? If such a mind can survive without having to deal with the outside, would it remain in this state to do so?

It is interesting that coma patients when they recover do not know how much time has passed since they became comatose. Is this not evidence that time is only known observation of the change in the relationship of things. In other words, do we not have to be awake and aware of the environment to know time?

2 thoughts on “Coma, time, idealism”

  1. The process of growth of hair is not the sensation of time. Time can be perceived and conceived but the continuing estimation of time is a guess in the face of not knowing what it going on outside the mind. The internal clock, if you will, cannot be kept accurate without reference to something. The reality of time and the perception of it will eventually be out of sync.


  2. The unconscious mind knows time because it continues to grow hair, nails and recover if posdie. It’s just the conscious mind that busied itself with this reality that misses out on the passage of time.


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