Do we have free will?

Someone pointed out that we must ask the question “are we free?” first before we can even ask “do we have free will?” I agree. To be truly free would be to be able to flit in and out of material existence. We do not and can not. Secondly, the will is not independent of the body. It is always a decision of or motivation from the body. That is to say, we are not free to will, but we are only free to imagine being free to will.

1 thought on “Do we have free will?”

  1. After reading Cosmic Voyage, by Courtney Brown, PhD, about using a “remote viewing” array of techniques, first developed by the US Army, to mentally visit different galactic places, as well as different time points, I’m staying open to the possibilities his account raises. For example, he claims to have use those methods to meet and have conversations with the Buddha. On the other hand, we are each born into a lifetime which has an eventual endpoint. Beyond this life, we may very well re-enter a spiritual realm. Since we have now fully come up to speed in Earth’s Age of Aquarius, all of these concepts seem to me to be worth exploring.


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