Why I want an 80 hour power reserve watch

The norm for automatic watches is 40 hours power reserve. That is a little over a day and a half.

This in my mind is too short. It means a watch needs to be worn daily in order to be charged, without needing the time to be set again when worn.

This is fine if you only ever wear one watch. Of the watch industry for automatic watches wants me to buy more of their products then a longer power reserve is needed.

I have a 40 hour power reserve dress watch that I used for work. But on weekends it is too formal with my casual clothes. So I have a second watch (a diver watch) to accessorize with my wardrobe. but by the time I comes Monday my work watch has stopped and I have to set the time again.

If I had an 80 hour power reserve dress watch I could come back after the weekend without having to reset the watch. This is why the Powermatic 80 by Tissot is so attractive, especially the Gentleman. To me this is the ideal work watch. Simple, dressy, practical.

Of course, I could just get a quartz watch and never worry about setting the time for years but that wouldn’t be fun at all. There is no romance to that.

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