Identifying with the body

The question of “what happens after I die” really is a question of what is considered the “I”. If I identify with the mind then I must explain where I will remain or go. If I identify with the body then I remain as the corpse and no process of sentience or animation remains. If I identify with both body and mind I still have to explain what remains and what goes where. If identify with something else I must explain how I know this other substance.

For me, to identify with the body is to deal what is at least confirmable. All else are unanswerable questions.


Man is wholly a part of the natural world. The perceived artificiality of being apart is a part of this system as well. Nothing escapes reality. Man is not independent of nature (the natural world).

Existence and observation

The observation of an object does not change anything of its existence. Observation neither makes something more nor less existent. Quantum mechanics may say something different but in pragmatic terms it does not change or affect how we face life and death. It is about experience and not about existence.

No essence

The more I dig the less evidence I find for essence of any sort. In short, all things have no essences. I am content with this.

Objective reality

An abandoned house has a fridge with food in it. It has been there for at least six months. And it has spoilt. Flies are having a good time feasting upon the rotting organic matter. What or who observes it? The flies? The fungi? God? Are we arguing that a perception-less universe cannot exist?

The subject is never necessary in my opinion. There are only objects. The subject is accidental.

Truths are a process of a subject (a thing), and not a thing-in-itself.

A clear understanding of what exists and what are processes of existent things is necessary. From observation we can judge this. While this judgement is not perfect or complete it is the only method with which we have to judge. To chase any other method would be to deny the fact of this impossibly and be inauthentic to the reality.

The (social) medium is the message

The medium is the message. It always has been. It always will be. There is no escape from the medium.