Perception is irrelevant

Reality is the entirety of things, space, and time. The observation or non-observation of reality does not change its existence.

Repeated acts of forgetfulness

There is nothing above and beyond the the material reality. Everything that is there can be understood from physicality. There is no dualism or pluralism. To feel “disconnected” at this thought is to be under the same illusion as feeling “connected”. Both are as impossible. In this way, the existential absurdity makes sense. We have always made meaning for ourselves, under the guise of religion, philosophy, science, or some other construct. We are good at it. We shall forever struggle with this in repeated acts of forgetfulness.

From the change in the relationship of things in space

Time also cannot to be known without things and space. I know what time is from the change of relationship of things in space.

From the relationship of things

Space cannot be known without things. I know what space is from the relationship of things.

Self and other unawareness

I call them things because at the first confrontation I don’t know what they are, simply that they are. Without interaction with things I do not know more of their qualities. First, I observe. Next, I engage.

Note, I do not know “I” either at this stage.

The first confrontation

There are things. At the first confrontation with things we are unaware of sensing, perceiving, and conceiving (together, let us call them “observing” or “observation”). I am also not aware of myself as an observing thing at this point. Simply, things are “there”; and they exist or “be”.