Water is the government’s responsibility

“Governments, not private firms, must take responsibility for getting water to their people, a new report argues.”

Why is it today we need a new report to tell us the obvious. When I was a secondary student our Economics teacher taught us that basic utilities like water, electicity, gas and telephone are the responsibility of the government. And that was the way it was and should be.

When utilities like water move from service to business profit becomes the bottom-line. But what about the farm a little out of the way who is not getting water and will not get water because the water business decided it was not profitable or not in its interest? Would this farm not get the benefits if it had been a tax payer?

A service would not think twice in making subsistance possible for this farmer. A business will see profit first over viability. But what the government does not realize is that we need people like this farmer, for diversity is a key ingredient to survival.

Diversity within any system is essential whether in nature or human constructed ones like the economy. Somehow we have come to a point where we simply have forgotten that we are part of a larger system that follow the physical and biophysical laws of the universe and that even our system must follow this.

It is a like a “good” Hollywood movie: it is so real we think the movie is the reality. How many people have you known literally bend over backwards to avoid bullets? It can only happen on film. And even if it can happen in reality the effort involved is much. So we need a reality-check. In short, we, humankind, are so good at deception that we even deceive ourselves.

So when are we going to wake up to the fact that we have been deceived by the economic discourse?

4 thoughts on “Water is the government’s responsibility”

  1. I don’t think we have forgotten. It is just the present paradigm “helps” us to forget. If it didn’t we would remember that we have a choice rather than believing that the government’s is the only method.


  2. i’ve never thought of government service (versus business) as a mechanism for diversity, but your saying it hit me as so obvious that i feel i should have recognized it.

    one of those emergent, oblique effects of our water infrastructure. very nice observation.


  3. Just to clarify my post. I feel I did not write enough, as usual.

    Government wasn’t always like the privatized version it is today in America. I think it was in the 1930s that state welfare took off as a way to give everyone the basic minimum. And it worked until the 1970s when money wasn’t being spent in the right place.

    And this is the same today – the money isn’t being spent in the right place. But there is a difference to me between government mismanagement and privatizing because of mismanagement. The latter is a just great excuse to put more into private hands at well-being’s expense.


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