Polar bears and skiing

What a week for global warming.

The Bush Administration has finally agreed to look into protecting polar bears. This move only came after much pressure from a lawsuit which found the polar bears were not adequately protected by government policy from the effects of global warming on their habitat. All the while groups from within the Bush Camp still believe that greenhouse gas emissions is not the cause of the rapid lost of Arctic ice threatening the bears’ way of life. Gas and oil drilling in Alaska will continiue until a clear picture comes from a 12 month study.

So, tell me Mr. Bush, how many signs do we need before you realise that global warming is actually happening? And how deeply we have to get before you – the leader of the nation with the greatest output of greenhouse gases, as well as, the leader of the nation which exercises such power only because of “economic” wealth – will listen to the drowning cries of the bear (and perhaps the people whose houses will be below the sea level)?

I just hope you, Mr President, are not going to the skiing World Cup this week. In case you haven’t heard they haven’t had much snow in Europe. Bormio, Italy, where one of the events is being held, had to bring in forty-seven (yes, 47) snow cannons to produce 100,000 cubic metres of artificial snow due to the lack of real snow.

Do we need any more signs before we realise global warming is here?

4 thoughts on “Polar bears and skiing”

  1. I not too keen on the EU. It works fine now when all economies are in line. But if just one economies flounders the rest must help if it can. But how this will work exactly not one knows until it happens. Call me sceptical but it has happened all too often.


  2. I agree with you.

    I am also glad that America is losing its economic and political power over the rest of the world. Though I think we still have a long way to go before any kind of balance of power will occur.


  3. This is why I disagree with my parents about having a business man running the American government. These people will only do what is necessary to further and grow business. What we need is someone who puts the most important issues up first – education, welfare, environment – and not some cowboy.


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