Protest against blog advertising

“What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising? Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public.” Vilhjahmur Stefansson (1879-1962)

Like so many other blogs I don’t have advertisement for a reason – I despise them. To sign up for AdSense (ad cents) is to perpetuate advertising pollution. But to refuse is not enough. No news, here, is good news for advertisers, because it makes it seem like there is no resistance out there. It is as if we are indifferent to ads when we are not.

Ads are a waste of resources. They use up unnecessary bandwidth. They add to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. That is why as a sustainability supporter we need to make a choice and raise our voice.

So in that sense we need to “advertise” the fact that we are resisting. And that is why I made this badge, a badge to show resistance to greed.

no adsense
So if you are inclined to protest with me please:

  1. copy the above badge and place it in the sidebar of your blog,
  2. link and/or backtrack to this post so that this may become a kind of “blog petition” to show our resistance to advertising and advertisers,
  3. Spread the word so that others may also join in the blog protest.

My goal here is 103 signatures.

4 thoughts on “Protest against blog advertising”

  1. Simoit,
    I think you have misread me. I am not against all advertising, just blog advertising on sites like mine where I am not blogging for a living. If I do become a professional writer then, yes, I will need to make a living somehow. But because I am doing this because of personal interest there is no need to place ads on it. I am particularly annoyed at ads which are random and/or not specified by the blogger. Conscious endorsement is different from signing up for advertiser end selection.

    But I see what you are saying. Google is a great service and as such it needs to be financially viable. And Google is better than, say, Yahoo! here where the advertising is based on the strength of the product rather than flashy images.


  2. I’m not so sure about this one. I understand what you’re trying to say, but eradicating advertising is too simplistic. How often do you use Google? It’s an incredible site, and way more than just search, but all of this is funded through advertising. It’s not much different with the alternative web-resources available. Like it or not advertising is here to stay – should we learn to work with it?


  3. There is something phishy about the site. Not rated by WOT or SiteAdvisor. I suggest not submitting a email address to it until more information is available.


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