Do we need to rush into biofuel?

It does not surprise me that our leaders want to rush headlong into untested “solutions” for our sustainability problems. They are not working for us but rather it is all about a paycheck which demands action and results rather than wisdom and judgment. But once in a while the opposition does speak out for us (humanity, whatever that means today) even if they do not have the power or listened to. But it is exactly because they have no power that we should listen to them; they do not have vested interests like most in positions of power.

The very reason why those who speak sense are not heard should be looked at seriously as a problem of society. The very systems which are supposed to be working for us are failing us. So when I ask “do we need to rush into biofuel?” one must also ask just exactly who is the “we” that is being represented? I certainly do not feel it is me or any of the other sustainability advocates out there.

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