So long and thanks

If you haven’t noticed already I haven’t been blogging much lately. There is no doubt I am still very much driven to do something for the planet. It needs to be done not only by myself but by every one else also. I alone cannot do it.

That was one reason I started this blog – to motivate others to act on behalf of the future of our “home”. This is fine as an activity but still it isn’t enough. The saying “practice what you preach” though well worn is still very much valid advice.

Being as busy as I am something has to give way and that something, I have decided, is blogging.

Soon I will be completing my studies. I will be starting my life again as a teacher. I will also be continuing to focus on raising my children, teaching myself how to grow food and to live sustainably, and to become more active locally in making the world a better place. I plan to do this one person at a time, starting with myself. Then family at a time. Then one community at a time. Then one people at a time. Then, finally, one planet at a time.

So when this blog will restart, I do not know. Perhaps next year. Perhaps never. Maybe becoming more active is activism enough. To be honest I don’t have the answers to this question. I do know, though, I still need to do something to make the world better and right now that something isn’t blogging.

So thank you for your attention. It has been enjoyable. I have learnt a lot from all of you. And I hope I have made a difference to your lives also, how ever small and positive.

2 thoughts on “So long and thanks”

  1. Sig,

    Thanks for everything you’ve written here. It’s been a top notch blog and has so often nudged me to think. In my view, that’s the best thing a blog of this sort can do.

    Best of luck in all else you do. You have made a difference and will, I’m sure, continue to do so in other ways.

    John Feeney


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