An ad for ads?

There are tell-tale signs of an economic slowdown in Australia.

Here, too, in Japan are similar signs. There were ads on television about how advertising is good for you, that we need advertising. While I see the value of ads as a way to tell us about the availability of a product, it is when ads become a persuasion tool for our need for something not needed that it starts to tick me off.

Most of the products advertised on TV I really don’t need. They do not cover the basics for our survival. We don’t need an ipod to be happy. To come to think of it, if it were necessary for our survival we needn’t advertise about it in the first place. We’d all know what it is.

This is about the difference between needs and wants. But they are often very difficult to tell apart. Skim through this post and you will notice how difficult it is to use the word “want” instead of “need”. At times they can be used interchangeably. At other times they cannot.

So there must be something fundamentally very wrong with our society and our way of life when there is a need(?) to advertise for ads.

1 thought on “An ad for ads?”

  1. Where I live, the radio stations regularly pump their own ad network over the air. Its their product and how they generate revenue.

    I find their ads for themselves to be more tastefull. I usually hate local ads – they are so poorly made compared to the national campaigns.

    The real thing to note however is if the behavior is a change in procedure from past business practices. Reading your post makes me think that the advertiser is panicking due to dropped advertising sales.

    Is this a case of a sales hangover while business return to a realistic scale of business or is it a genuine threat to their business…



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