The work of Helen Suzman is never truly done

As a Buddhist, death is not a sad thing, especially when it was not in vain.

The recent passing away of Helen Suzman, an “undaunted champion of freedom”, should be a reminder of the kind of values we should hold and cherish, even in the face of contradictory views so often found throughout human history.

For those who are standing up against the undeservedly powerful, they should remember the fight is not lost as long as we believe in what is right and just, and keep our hope that one day our stand will be completed.

I believe one day there will be a lasting truce between Israel and the Palestinian state. That people will recall how petty the struggle was. I believe there will be a world that is nuclear-weapon free. I believe one day all people will trust one another, will be responsible, will be honest to not only others but more importantly to themselves.

With this trust, responsibility and honesty, then, we can change to be less competitive and more fair in sharing the world, which had not been ours to possess in the first place.

No, the passing of those with a spirit of freedom and fairness is not a time for mourning, but rather it is a time to reaffirm our struggles for what is right. Helen Suzman may rest now, but others must continue this work which is never truly done.

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