Is this what is called “river kill”?

I drive a lot more than I would like to.

Because my wife’s place of work is a non-selectable one she has to stay put far more than I would like. Which means I have to live where I live and commute to where I can find work.

Driving a lot means I also have a lot of what I like to call “micro” road kills. The front of my car and the wind shield is a graveyard of dead splattered bugs. I have a problem with this because being a Buddhist I have to live by the precept of “Do not kill”. Yet this is easier said than done.

If I were to be true to the word of non-violence to all living organisms then I would have to live like a Jain. I myself would feel better about it but my family would have a fit. It may be extreme but it is a morally rigorous and therefore attractive.

The amount of life I take on the road makes me feel guilty. It seems everything we do seems to affect the animals we share the planet with. The dilemma is one I have no answer but one I must ponder on nonetheless.

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