This life is limitless

This is a Dharma talk by my master, Harada Tangen Roshi. It is on the phrase “kono inochi kagiri nashi” which means roughly “this life is limitless”. Roshi sama (a title meaning ‘venerable teacher’) has used this phrase “this life” in many of not all his Dharma talks. Everything should focused upon this life we are living and none other. It doesn’t mean ‘think of what our goal is – enlightenment’, but often he means it to be this very moment and none other. For if one is living in the past or future one is not doing one’s utmost. This lies the essence of the Buddha’s Teaching.

1 thought on “This life is limitless”

  1. What does Roshi sama mean by “limitless”? It does not mean immortality. He is not talk about that.

    The better translation may be “the possibilities in life are limitless”. But this can be misread as ‘anything is possible’.

    If one thinks something is impossible then it will be impossible. Again I am (he is) not talking about ‘think “live forever”‘ and it will happen, but rather the best in a person can come out only if one is willing to risk one’s life on something, risk all, as it were. If one does not put all one’s energy or trust in their task one cannot and will not be committing to it, be it work, trying to beat an opponent in a game, eating dinner, writing a blog post or anything else one does.


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