Apple financially bigger than Poland?

Numbers are deceptive, especially catchy headlines quoting stupid statistics.

Apple is apparently worth more than the nation of Poland. Well, not quite. Apple is worth 500 billion making this more than Poland’s GDP.

So there you have it. Measuring market worth against a country’s GDP … um, no comment.

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that Apple, a company with 60,400 workers cannot be equated to Poland, a nation of over 38 million people. If somehow the numbers make sense then Apple must churning so many iPhones, iPads and iWhatevers that there must one for every person in Poland or the planet. But clearly this is not the case.

No, don’t listen to stupid numbers. Count what is important. Count the starving people. Count the number of deaths from war. Count the growing population in developing nations and the declining population in the developed (‘developed’ as compared to what?) nations.

If you count everything in monetary terms you will only see what’s in it for you and not who is dying for your selfishness.

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