Why did the neighbour cross the street?

“We have been all the way to the Moon and back,
but we have trouble crossing the street
to meet the new neighbour.”

Dalai Lama

2 thoughts on “Why did the neighbour cross the street?”

  1. The ‘psychological distance’ as one person with abstraction and virtual worlds makes us hide who we really are. Transparency online is important to have and can only be achieved by honesty, not having a pseudonym for dishonest reasons. This is hard to have. And physically hard to keep. Better to be honest joe in your physical neighbourhood is my opinion.


  2. […] So, the virtual-space-as-a-location has both private and public spheres. And according to this article, community-building happens more effectively in private virtual spaces. I think the public/private distinction makes the  conceptualization of virtual space even more geographical, more physical. Not only do we all live there, but we have our own private spaces there. As though we each had our own apartments in the city of the Internet, and as though our communities reflected our virtual neighborhoods. It makes me wonder who my  virtual neighbors are. […]


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