Loneliness, people and God

From around age 12 I have thought it strange that people (Catholics in my school) would say it must be lonely if there were no God

Doesn’t that imply that they need God in order to not feel lonely. And that it meant they are lonely. 

I have never met God. And I think he likely doesn’t exist. But certainly I do not feel any more or less lonely because of this. 

Personally, I just wish people do not feel lonely. And that if they do I wish I can help relieve that feeling with friendship and love. After all, there is nothing more depressing than two lonely people in the same room, let alone millions of lonely people on the same planet. 

Life isn’t an “Eleanor Rigby” song (even though it sounds good). It isn’t about where do they all come from. (That, I already know. They come from the fear of being alone.) It is who they go to that is important. 

I do not mean to keep company because you are lonely. But I think we should keep company because they are lonely. If everyone did that then no one would be lonely in the world. Doing things for others is the greatest friendship to give. Keeping company for your needs will perpetuate loneliness, not relieve it. 

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