I am kind of disappointed that so little attention had been given to If The World Were A Food Village of 100 People over the five years since I translated it.

Firstly, it was a translation from Japanese meaning this wasn’t available in English until I had translated it. Secondly, food is an important topic that should be covered more.

The fact that not a single person liked or commented on it is depressing. And even when I scoped about it it drew little response.

I can see a couple of problems with it. Numbers are too abstract. People need concrete visuals, a kind of “Food Village for Dummies” presentation before people can understand it. Also, it is too close to the original idea and title, “If The World Were A Village Of 100 People”. Any search online will simply make it hard to stand out and find. Most people tend to put “village 100 people” for their search term. But even if it is hard to find in search it should have been picked up.

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