2018 resolutions

So many things happened in 2017.

Probably the hardest year of my life. Health-wise was poor, for me and other family members. Work had been extremely busy and will continue to be so at least until the new academic year. My research, failing almost grinding to a halt.

On the upside the children are growing physically, mentally and spiritually. The next generation may well take over sooner than later.

But the world seems a place at crossroads. The Smart Age may not be as smart as its name suggests. I don’t believe the world will ever bring to an end the embodied qualities that all else need. Digital things maybe, but things they are. We must not forget that, for they will not let us forget. If the world is to be a better place than at present we must remind ourselves of values which have always informed us of who we are – physical beings in a physical world. Ideas and thoughts may seem infinite (for that is an illusion) but their consequences are always finite.

This year I will make sure I become the academic and father I had vowed to be. There is nothing to do but to show this by physical, tangible proof.

2 thoughts on “2018 resolutions”

  1. Hi Warren,
    The hardest year of your life possibly. That says alot! I didn’t know your health too was at ends with you. Sorry to hear this..Was the same with me as you know. Unfortunately, still, in 2018.
    Funny, because I know you are somewhat a perfectionist, I always question my own spelling, grammar and how I put even this into words..makes me laugh.
    Warren, I hope 2018 will be your best year yet! As far as a father, I’m sure your truly the best, and your kids adore you. As well, I have no doubt all you want to accomplish, you will accomplish.
    I so enjoy reading your blogs here, your thoughts, even how you see the world today. Some sad truths, some things you have to say here, or on periscope gives me hope. I like you Warren, and I have great respect for you. I’m glad you are human and a part of my life. No matter the many miles away, and the truth in that I will most likely never meet you, I think of you as a friend. You have that kind of personality I sapose. :) What a unique person you are. Thank you Warren, for being so kind.




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