2018 resolutions

So many things happened in 2017.

Probably the hardest year of my life. Health-wise was poor, for me and other family members. Work had been extremely busy and will continue to be so at least until the new academic year. My research, failing almost grinding to a halt.

On the upside the children are growing physically, mentally and spiritually. The next generation may well take over sooner than later.

But the world seems a place at crossroads. The Smart Age may not be as smart as its name suggests. I don’t believe the world will ever bring to an end the embodied qualities that all else need. Digital things maybe, but things they are. We must not forget that, for they will not let us forget. If the world is to be a better place than at present we must remind ourselves of values which have always informed us of who we are – physical beings in a physical world. Ideas and thoughts may seem infinite (for that is an illusion) but their consequences are always finite.

This year I will make sure I become the academic and father I had vowed to be. There is nothing to do but to show this by physical, tangible proof.

2016 New Year’s resolutions

That time of the year again.

Reflecting on what I have done. This year I went back to my old temple to visit my teacher, Harada Tangen Roshi after a 25 year absence. Unfortunately, he has been weakened with age and I was not able to meet him. I hope to go back again soon and continue my practice. His disciple (I ashamed to say I have forgotten his name) met us and looked after us.

Zen is an important part of me. It has influenced my life and outlook. I even gave a talk on Zen and language learning this year. They are not so different. Indeed, Zen is part of everyday life, part of the ordinary. And this is what makes Zen extraordinary. I am still in awe of the understand of Zen.

So I guess that is why my resolutions always revolve around Zen.

This year, I resolve to focus like I (am supposed to) do in Zen. What happens on the cushion is no different to what happens off it. That is what Zen is about. If you think meditation is something done on the cushion that is a misunderstanding.

And because I shouldn’t make too many promises, too many resolutions, I will end it with just one.

Happy New Year and I hope 2016 will be more peaceful one for all. Let’s try to make the world a better place.

Resolution for 2013

Although over two months have past for 2013 already I had made a resolution this year but not posted about it.

This year I have one resolution only – to be able to recite the Hannya Shingyo (Heart Sutra) by heart. This has been something I haven’t been able to do. There are sections which I don’t remember or else I get the order muddled. Conscious focus is necessary for anything. So you can say I have not been mindful in this case.

New Year’s resolution for SD

btw HNY.

This year’s NY resolutions are

  • meditate more
  • help the world more
  • blog more

Hope together we can do more for ourselves spiritually as well as for the world.

My Dharma resolutions

And since I made sustainability resolutions it would be appropriate to make Dharma ones also.

I pledge to meditate once a week at least. Last year I pledged to meditate more … and I did. But not much more than before. So this year I will make it more concrete with a target.

I also pledge to memorize The Heart Sutra (Hannya Shingyo). I should be able to remember it by now but I haven’t.

Two is enough I think. I shouldn’t overcommit myself as I have other resolutions also to keep.

My sustainability resolutions

Over two months of 2010 have already gone by but there is still plenty of time to start a list of resolutions.

This year I pledge to reduce my garbage output. Right now, as a family, we put out one full bag a week of burnables and plastics each per week. When David Suzuki is said to put out only one bag a month there is definitely room for improvement by myself and everyone.

My second pledge is to start composting. Our kitchen garden would be complete if we can just make our own compost. We use commercially bought chicken manure as fertiliser right now. And learning to compost would also help my cause in achieving my first resolution.