Band-aid Philosophy

It would be very wrong to think we are objective beings able to be absolutely impartial. No amount of trying will we ever reach complete objectivity. We view everything from the very bodies we inhabit never being able to leave it as much as we believe we can. Imagining that we do is of course possible but in reality that imagined objectivity is coloured by the entire experience of being who I am. To exactly know who or what I am is an impossible project. We must not exactly give up on this but to let the mystery be just that, an eternal mystery. Only then we will be content and be able to move on. To accept that we contain and never cease to perform value-judgements is the first step to move on to understanding ourselves, others and other things. We must always ask what are our values and how did we arrive at them. Only then can some of the problems of the world can be, like a band-aid to temporarily cover a wound, imperfectly solved. We can only hope for band-aids. We should celebrate the band-aids.

2 thoughts on “Band-aid Philosophy”

  1. The problem I have with a bandaid is that it’s only temporary. If I had the power to make my mind NOT lift this bandaid, and relive what was covered, then I would be happy, or at least able to set aside.
    You talk about the mind..just think, we start out as babies having a clear mind, from dreaming inside the womb to opening ones eyes for the first time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the mind could only create goodness it’s whole life, never to know resistance? That’s truly a dream! It takes a strong mind, years of practice and patience to clear the mind and create only goodness and positivity. If only I could be in that place, what a powerful mind that would be. Of course I would want my mind to permanently be in this space. :)

    See you



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