Reason, logic, reality

Consider the following definitions from the LDOCE 6th.

reason – the ability to think, understand, and form judgments that are based on facts

logic – 1) a way of thinking about something that seems correct and reasonable, or a set of sensible reasons for doing something; 2) a formal method of reasoning, in which ideas are based on previous ideas

The problem seems to start with fact and idea in the two respective definitions.

From the LDOCE again, a fact is a piece of information that is known to be true. What does “to know” mean? Can we know something or anything without experiencing it? And if something that is true now will it be true in the future, or was it true in the past? And is there something, anything, that is eternally true?

And an idea is a general understanding of something, based on some knowledge about it. Can our understanding of things or knowledge of it be based on anything other than learning (reading and study) or experience?

If we are to base truth on information, ideas, reason, and logic alone then we will forever be trapped in the mind. By interacting with reality through rationality we fully engage with what is there. Rationality alone will take a being towards insanity (being unable to interact in the reality) . A balance between our physical and mental capacities is necessary.

3 thoughts on “Reason, logic, reality”

  1. Emotion, sense, and sensuality are internal processes of a things. Their contents are known through experience, and learned through experience. Their contents end with the end of the process of accumulation – memory.


  2. I wonder if you have pondered emotion , sense, and sensuality . I would enjoy your thoughts around these facets.

    Take as a premise that emotion has content.

    How would it play?

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