First stimulus and the chain of conception

Epistemologically, the first stimulus (my first stimulus) is sensory. It is of the things in the world, including the reflexive sensing of myself as a thing. The evidence is, things are known by sensation, and also things remain regardless whether being sensed or perceived.

You cannot perceive what is not first sensed. And you cannot conceive what is not first perceived. No chain of conception can occur without the first stimulus.

The chain of conception is the illusion of a self. The self is a conception.

3 thoughts on “First stimulus and the chain of conception”

  1. I fully agree.

    A person with a disability will develop a different to a person with “normal” abilities.

    My point is sensation is a process of a thing. Regardless the process the reality is just things, space and time. Sensation, perception and conception are layers that have no real existence other than being a process.

    Reality does not differentiate between processes like the Earth revolving around the sun and thinking. Only thinking things make that differentiation.


  2. I’ve heard a similar idea from I don’t remember who, but it was that without sense there is no self.

    And then:

    “The evidence is, things are known by sensation, and also things remain regardless whether being sensed or perceived. “

    this made me think of a particular diagnosis that I’m studying this semester called borderline personality disorder. One of the theories behind people with BPD is that they didn’t develop what is called “object constancy”. Usually attributed to lack of sufficient mothering and care or comfort, versus failure of development can arise just from pure neglect or abuse either emotional or sexual. And what it is is That basically the person with BPD, are the child that they were, did not develop a sense that when the mother is gone that she still exists. And then this reflects back into how a person develops a concept of self, ego, self-esteem things like that, because the reflection of the mother or the caregiver is understood to be foundational in the ability to have a stable sense of self.

    And so what happens is these people react and deal with life emotionally more than logically and they have extreme mood and they have dysfunctional relationships because of this inability for object constancy which then causes them either great anxiety or a feeling of great emptiness when their needs are not being met .

    Just a thought.

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