I feel for those isolated from tribes in the Amazon jungle

I went to a Catholic school. Although I wasn’t a Catholic the school accepted non-Christians as students.

While I was there I had gone to church once in a while, had read the Bible and had tried to fathom God.

But what I found problematic was the idea that non-believers went to hell. Having travelled from Young I saw different people from different cultures, non-Christian cultures included. So it seemed strange to me that these people who may have never encountered Christianity will, without a choice, go to hell. This being a decision by someone or something else.

If I had wanted all others to go to hell (so to speak) all I had to do was keep them away from Christianity. I could not believe a benevolent being would do that.

For that reason alone I had began to question the validity of Christianity and other religions.

So I feel not for those in the jungle but for those exposed to a religion that condemns them to the concept of heaven and God.

I am lucky because I saw other possibilities, not tied to one way of thinking. I wish others to be able to see the illogical discourses of such thinking.

2 thoughts on “I feel for those isolated from tribes in the Amazon jungle”

  1. I would love to read all these things. I have a PhD to write as well.

    Much of this here is venting ideas on some other papers I am writing. Eventually I’ll get back to you this.


  2. It’s kind of funny- There is a fellow blogger named Dave and he is a Christian pastor. I had extended discussion with him at the beginning of my blogging that lasted maybe three or four years. Long comment sections and debates. I still hear from time to time.

    One of the things that I brought up with him, again after a long long conversation various debates discussions etc., is that basically according to him I am going to hell. And he would basically refused to comment on that by saying that it’s not up to him. And I would say well you’re believing in a God and religion that because I am not agreeing with your interpretation of Christ and the Bible, I am going to hell. And I would say that I totally agree with his interpretation of the Bible, but then when I speak to it, talk about it in terms of philosophy back to him, he disagrees with me. And I would say that I don’t think that you’re going to hell. But your belief is condemning me to hell. That doesn’t sound very friendly or nice.

    He never would give me any sort of answer on that. Lol

    If you’re still interested in religion you might want to read my other book “the moment of decisive significance“. But I know you have a lot of shit to do so I’m sorry to stack on another book for you to read!

    But that is actually a buck and it’s about 500 pages and it basically has my interpretation of the Gospels, and the Bible in general which stays consistent with what the Bible says, while offering a completely radical interpretation that is heretical to regular institutional Christianity.

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