melting glaciers

nothing can stop you now
nothing had stopped you before
your push towards the sea
towards some lower position
to a natural state called “rest”

that is your unrest
but no one noticed
life death existence non
they are all the same thing
indifferent before now ever

What does the underside of the Arctic ice look like?

What an amazing expedition.

I just finished watching Under the Pole. It’s about an expedition to trek from the North Pole towards land all the while doing dives (51 to be exact) to film the little seen underside of the Arctic Ice. Some fantiastic footage of unusual ice formations and creatures (arctic shrimp, sea angels and more) in their habitat. The ability of man to take on and survive in such an inhospitable environment is truly amazing.

Definitely worth watching if you get a chance.

Official homepage here.
Trailer on YouTube here.

Good news … animals flee faster than we think

It is good to hear that animals know when to run and that when they do run they do it fast.

The shifts of habitat due to climate change has been worrying for the biodiversity of the planet. So this study is a welcome finding. But should we continue to live the way we have because of this? For me we should learn to live less damaging lifestyles even though it is in our “nature” to live the way we do. We have the ability to do so much harm but also it is this ability which could allow us to so much good.

The choice is ours.

Seals take refuge in Peru from global warming

It seems human beings are not the only refugees from global warming.

The Organisation for the Research and Conservation of Aquatic Animals (ORCA) have reported that a colony of fur seals from the Galapagos Islands – its natural habitat – have migrated to Peru some 1,500km away.

The BBC and other news sources say temperatures around waters have consistently risen from 17C (Peru’s average) to 23C (temperatures similar to the Galapagos Islands) in recent years. ORCA has suggested that with this rise in temperature other non-native marine species may begin to come to Peru soon.

So how much longer will it take for us to get the hint from nature that something is happening to our planet.