Philosophy kills poetry and art

Does anyone else feel that philosophy kills the creativity needed for poetry and art?


your life in forty volumes
shows you had your art
from almost the very beginning

it only takes one word
an adjective perhaps
or an emotive one

to change the meaning
of the work, to give it
a nuance not found otherwise

be it a few pages or a hundred
unmistakably it was always there
and forty volumes later

you have had enough

Saul Bellow on Death


And Bankei said, “What is unborn cannot die”. Death is not to be feared or loathed but embraced. For it makes us appreciate life, this life, all the more.

youth, gone by

no message of thanks
like dropped stone into black well
waiting for an echo
complete silence
as though my letter
had never reached him
or else it had gone straight past

youth, selfishness
same thing
common curtesy out all windows
but i cannot be angry
all i can do is write a poem
for i was as young and
more selfish once