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Original poetry and translations of poetry by Warren M Tang ©.


what is it
about you
(or rather
the lack of you)
that gives you
your quality?

is it the objects
that do not fill you
or is it
the march of time
so steady
that make you
what you are?

some people fear
your vast emptiness
but really
you are nothing

you should be
embraced, loved
if possible
for without you
i & everything else
would not exist


it was inevitable
but only too soon
too young at thirty-four
the order was wrong
all too wrong
she left behind three
dear ones
(the world was a stage
and she adored them
through every fault
and every perfection
until the very end)
& thousands more
who knew her generosity
her kindness, her courage
people wanted to know
to connect with her
and she chose to connect
in the most modern of ways
that may have taken her away


the sun hides behind the dark mountain
a low murmur seeps into my silent soul
the familiar chill of evening covers me

mosquitos hum their high notes
and the languid stars gradually appear
upon the blue-black washed sky

there, the waltz of the moon
continues among the stellar crowd
the organic night comes to life

unseen, in the shadows their talk
turns into song, i meditate to the drone
of late spring, early summer

and by morning light their chorus
fades to become scattered distant croaks
replaced by the ensemble of birds, bugs

miss conception

without exception
are concepts
and no more

anything to lie
conception is a


virtual reality
is nowhere near to be
virtually real

only noumena
& phenomena
will allow that

what is real
is your existence
but neither do you

bring reality
closer nor put it
any further away


switch it on
where 2 can tango –
spice up lives

offer something
not virtual
limit my time

so that 1
can be real again
switch it off

sick poetry

i am a figure
doubled over but
steering metaphors
driving porcelain buses

winter’s end
is always vulnerable to
birth, sickness, old-age & death
in that order. two more stops
until i get off