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Original poetry and translations of poetry by Warren M Tang ©.

hospital ward

the smell of dying
and death overflows
into the hallways
fills the rooms

they wait seemingly
in silence resigned
to the inevitable
carers indifferent
to it all and
visitors numbed

but life
must make way
for new life
in its march
to the song
of evolution
to the harmony
of survival

wedding ring

well worn
worn well

the band
has kept its shine
over the years

scratches here
and there perhaps
from ‘08 and ‘14

but as cliches go
the ring
is unbroken

like the promise
we had made
all those years ago

heart and soul

the necessary engine
of a body
the illusionary essence
of a being

coffee bean

the past
painful histories
the not so
dark (roast)
secrets of man

each little bean
can represent a soul
the soil and toil
that had been lost
for the present

or it can re-present
a now and future
that we aspire to

to wake
or awaken us

and get us ready
for another day


Exhausted, yet
Not wanting to sleep on this
Stagnant night of anxiety

Karate #haiku

Parents trade gossip
In the stiffling gym heat
As children trade punches


what is it
about you
(or rather
the lack of you)
that gives you
your quality?

is it the objects
that do not fill you
or is it
the march of time
so steady
that make you
what you are?

some people fear
your vast emptiness
but really
you are nothing

you should be
embraced, loved
if possible
for without you
i & everything else
would not exist