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Original poetry and translations of poetry by Warren M Tang ©.

miss conception

without exception
are concepts
and no more

anything to lie
conception is a


virtual reality
is nowhere near to be
virtually real

only noumena
& phenomena
will allow that

what is real
is your existence
but neither do you

bring reality
closer nor put it
any further away


switch it on
where 2 can tango –
spice up lives

offer something
not virtual
limit my time

so that 1
can be real again
switch it off

sick poetry

i am a figure
doubled over but
steering metaphors
driving porcelain buses

winter’s end
is always vulnerable to
birth, sickness, old-age & death
in that order. two more stops
until i get off

forty eight

life rolls on
as the hills
over the hill over
the hump, at least

will i
be ever satisfied
with who i am or
what i have become?

or is life
supposed to be
forever a bitter

forty eight
is not quite fifty
too close, i would say
the fa(r)ther away the better

no running in
the other direction
but try to run
i must & i do

because fifty
is too close
to a conveniently
imagined halfway


atheist become

released from
some kind of burden
you are light as air
& heavy as clouds

god did not leave –
not there to begin with
as they would
like you to believe

the world is yours now
but nothing will free you
from death and
to nowhere will you go

morning phase

pastiche pastel hue
of cycle
time rolling like waves
across your ocean
breaks in the light
up in the air
three sunbirds
a blue moon &
a drum for a heart
beckons me