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Food for Thought – What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

Peanut ButterHow deceiving food portions can be. No wonder we have trouble with moderation. Here is 200 calories in the form of peanut butter (38 grams).

Moderation in eating

At my annual medical checkup the doctor told me that I need to lose weight. Not much – 3-5 kilograms. I am borderline ‘metabolic’ as he put it. He said ‘reduce your food intake and do exercise’. Moderate exercise I do but reducing my food intake has been a tough one. I don’t eat that much already. To reduce anymore seems all the more difficult becasue of I will have nothing to eat.

It is said the sloth (the furry tree-dwelling animal) moves as slowly as it does in order to conserve precious energy. This means it doesn’t require as much food also. Your intake should reflect your expenditure, I guess.

Now what the doctor was saying is very Buddhism – we need moderation. Obviously I am taking in more calories than I need to otherwise my body would not need to store it up as fat. So let’s see how I go with my diet in the next year.