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What you see is only in the frame 

Life is like a camera lens – you only see the things in the frame. The rest beyond the edge of the frame is part of the world carefully shown to us, and sometimes we choose to ignore

The pair of jeans says it all. 

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition is run by the Natural History Museum in London and the BBC Wildlife Magazine. This year’s overall winner is Steve Winter for his photo capture of the rare snow leopard.

Photos from competition will be exhibited at the Museum from the end of October 2008 to April 2009.

Prix Pictet for Sustainablility – Water

The Prix Pictet is a global prize for photography aimed at highlighting the problems of climate change. This year’s theme was “water”. The 100,000 Swiss Franc (over USD 88,000) prize was awarded to Benoit Aquim for his series of photographs on the human-induced desertification in China.

The BBC also has a nice slide show with commentary on other photographs and short listed photographers.