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Our place in the universe is here and now

What is so special about human beings? Are the only beings that think we are special ourselves?

For 13 billion years the universe has done just fine without us. The universe does fine with us now. And the universe will do just fine without us again after our extinction.

Our knowledge and existence is simply insignificant within the larger picture of the reality. It is only with humility that we can truly live a full life. We must make significance and relevance for ourselves and others around us now, not elsewhere and not in the past or future.

Non-religious Buddhism

There is something comforting about Buddhism as a religion without gods to worship. And Buddhism is better than philosophy because it has application rather than being a theoretical thing. Philosophy does not have much of a system to deal with how to live. 

So when I sit down and meditate or think about Buddha I look at it as embodying the ideals of the teaching (call it philosophy if you will). You can say then Buddha is the only philosopher who gave us a course in living

the interpreter

is the interpretation
of time
and space

the longer the life
the more accurate
the interpretation
is supposed to be

but some die
without fully
the meaning

is lost upon them
and equally
like into some kind
of mental black hole
called “their” mind

of which
the mind actually
isn’t a self as

but a grand illusion
a fantastic
of life
and therefore
of what
one should do
“now” and
with “whom”
or with “what”